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A Guide to Pompano Beach on the Fourth

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12 Places to Celebrate Independence Day in Beautiful Downtown Pompano Beach

By Daniel Myers

We all know that the Fourth of July is an all-day celebration. With that in mind, we put together this list of our top-12 places to spend the holiday. For lunch, dinner and everything in between, Pompano Beach has a wide selection of shops and restaurants for you to visit.

Before you start:

The Pompano Beach Pier Garage

222 N Pompano Beach Boulevard

Your first step to Independence Day downtown is parking in the brand new Pompano Beach Pier Garage. The architects behind the garage set out to make it something special and it shows. The sails lining the garage light up stunningly at night. Mayor Lamar Fisher called the Pier Garage a “landmark project… something iconic.”

With a great, central location, the Pier Garage is the perfect place to set out from on foot. There’s also a Visitor Center on the ground floor in case you want another take on how to spend the day.

1.) Jersey Dogs

3330 E Atlantic Boulevard

Jersey Dogs is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch. This inconspicuous restaurant is a classic New Jersey style hot dog joint. The owner, a Jersey native, brought his food with him when he moved down to Pompano Beach and that is something to love. The hotdogs are massive, loaded full of bell peppers, onions and potatoes. The helpings are plentiful and the word around town is that the service is fantastic.

2.) Razzleberry’s Ice Cream

3412 E Atlantic Boulevard

Razzleberry’s has a plethora of flavors to choose from. From rocky road to mint chocolate chip, they’ve got you covered. The ice cream shop also serves up coffee-based beverages in case you hit that post-lunch slump. Can you think of anything better than ice cream in the Independence Day heat? We can’t either.

3.) On the Beach Watersports

1110 S Ocean Blvd

On The Beach Watersports is a great place to get an adrenaline rush Independence Day morning. Head on down and rent a high-speed jet ski. For something a bit calmer, try a stand-up paddle board, sail boat or just some beach chairs and a cabana  The staff is extremely helpful, especially if you’re new to the world of water sports.

4.) Selfie with the Pompano Fishes









If you’ve never been down to downtown Pompano Beach, you have to take these photo opps. Pompano Beach is home to several sculptures of the namesake “pompano” fish, each uniquely adorned by a different artist. Hunt (or should we say fish) for these iconic pieces of art and get a group photo with them.

5.) Pompano Dive Center

101 N Riverside Drive

While you’re downtown, why not stop in to the Pompano Dive Center and book a dive? The waters off of Pompano Beach are rich with wrecks, both artificial and natural. If you want to see some gorgeous aquatic life, get your foot in the door on the Fourth.

6.) Bailey Contemporary Arts

41 NE 1st St

Bailey Contemporary Arts will be showing an exhibition that runs through the 14th of July. The exhibition, titled “Gritty in Pink,” curated by Lisa Rockford and Megan Castellon, will subvert typical notions regarding the color pink and its ties to femininity and delicacy. Check it out if you need of some intellectual celebration on Independence Day.

7.) Nikki’s Orange Kitchen

1 N Ocean Boulevard #102

Try Nikki’s Orange Kitchen for lunch or dinner. This restaurant specializes in delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes (but don’t worry—you can still get your classic burger fix here). Practically everything is organic and Nikki’s also serves up grass-fed beef, sustainable wild seafood and naturally fed poultry so you can dine guilt-free. For once you can be happy about the food you put in your body.

8.) Checker’s Old Munchen

2209 E Atlantic Blvd

Checker’s Old Munchen is authentic German with a great atmosphere. Frequent customers’ steins line the walls and the smell of schnitzel graces the restaurant as it wafts in from the kitchen. When you sit down, it feels like you’re really there in Germany. With the second largest beer selection in Fort Lauderdale, there will be plenty of beer to go around.

9.) Phil’s Heavenly Pizza

2647 E Atlantic Blvd

Phil’s Heavenly Pizza is a unique Pompano pizzeria. Phil’s is serving up delicious pizza with a side of Jesus (don’t worry, the Jesus is only implied). This is classic New York style pizza—huge slices, greasy plates and gooey goodness. The pizzeria also doubles as a church on Sundays. It sounds a little ridiculous, but trust us, the pizza is amazing.

10.) Rusty Hook Tavern

125 N Riverside Drive

Don’t let the name fool you, this is no typical dive bar. The Rusty Hook serves up great food and drinks right on the water. Stop by for dinner and watch the sun set while you enjoy a cocktail. In fact, the Rusty Hook is attached to a couple restaurants, so check them all out while you’re in the neighborhood.

11.) 26 Degree Brewing

2600 E Atlantic Blvd

26 Degree Brewing is Pompano’s resident brewery. Their brew names are brilliant—try out the “IPA1A” IPA or the “Pompano Steamer” porter, but perhaps the best beer to drink on the Fourth would be their “’Merica” Pilsner. Whatever you choose, the taproom is a great place to be. The place is huge. The Fourth of July might not even be the best day to grab a drink here—26 degree has unique events all the time (check those out online at their website). Swing by and have a couple drinks before the fireworks.

12.) Briny Irish Pub

3440 E Atlantic Blvd

Where better to celebrate America’s birthday than an Irish pub? The Briny Irish Pub can be best described as a maritime-themed sports bar. The pub has a great atmosphere with a boat-load of ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Plus it’s right across from the beach, making it your stop for a last-minute snack or drink before the fireworks.


This post was prepared by staff at Point! Publishing. For inquiries call 954-603-4553.

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