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Sea Steps Suites Renovates

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By Daniel Myers

The Sea Steps Suites, located at 717 South Ocean Boulevard in Pompano Beach, has recently undergone major renovations. The renovation project began on February 9 and concluded with a reopening in May 2017.

Alex Kienle, one of the owners of the Sea Steps Suites, told us that, “after discussing what we wanted and what our vision was for the place, we came up with the motto ’Where You’d Rather Be.’ This is what we’re trying to create.” According to them, the goal of the renovation was “to make a place that is just like home, only better.”

Kienle and the rest of the ownership initiated the project by hiring contractors and purchasing furniture, linens, etc. and remodeling the rooms one by one. Additionally, they sandblasted the sidewalks and started the exterior project remodeling including repairs on the roof, the building façade and painting.

Through a three phase process, the owners of the Sea Steps Suites plan on touching every piece of the property. The first phase consists of preparing the rooms for rent and reworking the exterior, the second consists of upgrading amenities, and the third phase will be an interior design project that the owners hope will bring a unique style to the hotel.

Sea Steps Suites currently has 22 rooms available and plan to finish a total of 30 rooms by the end of their renovation process. To learn more about the Sea Steps Suites hotel and see more of their unique rooms, visit them on the web at http://www.seastepssuites.com/


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