Tuesday Morning, January 3, 2012

This is basically a thankless job, but sometimes out of the blue someone says something nice about Lighthouse Point Magazine.

This morning I was speaking with Patty Berian regarding her ad in our magazine, and we were wishing each other the very best in 2012, when she said, “Jon, I just love your magazine. Every month I send a copy up north to my mother who loves the photos and articles, and it brings back fond memories of time spent here.”

Just those kind words from Patty were all I needed to start the year off right. All thoughts involving the complexities involved in meeting deadlines every month for almost ten years now seemed to disappear during that phone call.

Still, after all this time, when a new issue comes off the press, I hold it my hand, look at the cover, smile and I think, “Hey, maybe this ain’t such a bad job, after all!”

A Fish Out of Water

As I reflect back to 2002 when deciding what community in Broward County would be the best place to start a newsletter, my associate at the time, Patti Smith, said she had lived briefly in Lighthouse Point and thought it would be an ideal area to begin the publication.

Little did I know at the time that Lighthouse Point was for the most part, a  Republican community, so I decided to deal sparingly with political issues and concentrate on families and events. As an independent, I thought this a wise business decision and as a result the magazine has flourished.

Periodically, I write a column called Accountability, which appears in this particular issue. And, as an independent, I believe I can view both the Democratic and Republican parties with unjaundiced aplomb. Surprisingly, the column has become popular, especially with those who ideology is not set in stone.

The articles are meant to stir interest, and in some cases provoke readers to write back to me in response to critical issues. There is nothing better than a healthy dialogue in an attempt to find solutions in a world in turmoil.

Yes, at times I do feel like a fish out of water, but when I do, I think of Mark Twain when he said, “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters of religion and politics, a man’s reasoning powers are not above a monkey’s.”



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