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Pompano! Magazine


  • High-quality print magazine
  • Monthly distribution
  • Started production in 2015
  • Our fastest-growing product – up 100% YTD on social media reach
  • 21,000 monthly readers
  • Perfect boun


We started Pompano Magazine in 2015 because there was underserved niche for community-centered content in the area. After the successful transition and revitalization of Lighthouse Point, we felt that this was the next logical step. Ever since, the community has embraced the publication enthusiastically, collaborating with us to create events, stories, and more.



  • High-quality print magazine
  • Monthly distribution
  • Started production in 2015
  • Our fastest-growing product – up 100% YTD on social media reach
  • 15,000 monthly readers


Doesn’t Deerfield Beach deserve it’s very own magazine? Starting with the November/December 2023 issue, Deerfield Beach magazine will include content tailored to Deerfield Beach. The magazine might be smaller at first, but readers can look forward to information about local events, city news and plenty of event photos. We plan to publish a 40-page issue in November, 2023. Talk to your sales rep about packages when you also buy into Lighthouse Point or Pompano!

Lighthouse Point Magazine


  • High-quality print magazine
  • Monthly distribution
  • Lighthouse Point
    Average Home Price:
  • In production
    since 2002
  • Delivered to every house, apartment, and business in Lighthouse Point
  • 14,000 monthly readers
  • Perfect bound


In production for more than two decades, the magazine is implicitly trusted by the city’s affluent residents. In 2013, Point! Publishing acquired the title, rebranded, and expanded the magazine by more than 50%. Getting in the magazine is a point of pride for many residents. Locals often tell us exactly which issues they’ve appeared in one way, shape or form.

FTL! Magazine


  • In production since 2023
  •  Distributing 8,000 copies per month at high tourist traffic areas such as the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, hotels, restaurants, and more.
  • Fits in a pocket or purse

FTL! is our tourist-focused magazine which spotlights everything there is to do in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. In production for almost two decades (previously titled Yellow), this magazine has always served tourists, locals and advertisers alike. The smaller book allows readers to carry it in a pocket or a purse for the duration of their stay in the area, ensuring repeat readings.

South Florida Family Life Magazine


  •  In production for 17 years
  • More than 76,000 monthly readers across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, the vast majority comprising of young mothers with children under the age of 12.
  • More than 15,000
    e-newsletter subscribers
  • Our website, southfloridafamilylife.com is full of important and local information for families


  • Includes a digital
    cube ad per insertion
    in the Family Fun
    e-newsletter, sent to
    14,000 subscribers.
    Must run 3x or more to
    receive a cube ad.

South Florida Family Life is South Florida’s pre-eminent parenting magazine. Reaching young mothers since 200x, this magazine has reached into the homes of an innumerable amount families. Our readers trust us to provide parenting advice, recommendations, and faithfully look out for their kids.

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