Dear Readers,

After eleven and a half years at the helm of Lighthouse Point Magazine, I’ve decided to return to my life as musician and writer—and dabble a bit in other fields of interest.

The decision was by no means easy for me because my job as editor has given me the opportunity to serve this wonderful community and to work, without question, with some of the finest human beings ever to walk this earth. But the facing of monthly deadlines year after year is a task I needed to eliminate from my life in order to pursue other artistic endeavors.

The ride has been a glorious one, and I will continue for a while as consultant for the magazine, so you may be seeing me continuing my role as the usual real pest, buzzing around town for some time to come.

Even as editor, I can find no words to express my deep love and gratitude to our staff and all the extraordinary people who were instrumental in making Lighthouse Point Magazine one of the finest family magazines published in South Florida. My heartfelt thanks go out to you all!

And special thanks to graphic artists Babs Kall and Mike Wall, whose creative genius shown brightly on every single page, month after month, not to mention their great patience and understanding in dealing with my personal idiosyncrasies. In my eyes, Babs and Mike were not only indispensible to our success, but precious friends who gave their all!

From the start, I wanted family news and extraordinary photographs to fill the pages of Lighthouse Point Magazine. And, as fate would have it, Debra Todd joined the team and has performed magic with her camera ever since. A sincere thank you, Debra!


I’m very happy to report that the new owners of Lighthouse Point Magazine are Richard and Susan Rosser, residents of Lighthouse Point for the past 16 years. Both have had extensive experience in marketing and graphic design, having worked with top publications in South Florida. They have two children, Sam, 13 and Zoe, 12. Richard volunteers as soccer coach in the LHP Recreation Leagues and will be a sponsor in the coming season.

The Rossers may be contacted at Lighthouse Point Publishing, P.O. Box 5509, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074. Voice & Text: 954-540-5534. Fax: 954-656-1048. Email:, or


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