BY SARAH LICHT, Pompano Beach News & Restaurant Reporter

POMPANO BEACH RESTAURANTS: Located in the quaint site where Giovanni Italian used to sit, The Hen & The Hog, a new restaurant in Pompano  Beach, offers top-quality southern comfort food without the top-quality price. The restaurant boasts an impressive variety of foods such as flatbreads, sandwiches, platters of smoked meats and pulled-pork and an all-day breakfast menu.

When you first enter The Hen & The Hog, you are greeted with tables made from reclaimed wood and vintage Edison light bulbs are in every wall sconce and ceiling fixture. I was given the sensation of being in a wooden cottage in South Carolina that was given a modern facelift. A few custom signs, including the humorously decorated “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” adorned the wood-covered walls.

The Pompano Beach restaurant houses several small wooden tables perfect for a pair of diners or a small group, and a few booths sit underneath the windows on the far side of the interior. Our group sat at the largest one: a long table made from a single slab of wood, the edges still rough and winding from the shape of the tree it came from.

Our group started with freshly baked cornbread embedded with moist kernels of sweet corn and served with salted butter. The bread crumbles and melts in your mouth, so rich and buttery that it almost does not need the extra butter. We were then given our entrees: two different flatbreads (one vegetable and mozzarella and the other one pulled-pork with roasted peppers and swiss cheese), the Hen & Hog platter (fresh and tender pulled-pork and roasted ham), a delicious and refreshing pecan chicken salad and a colorful Caprese sandwich. Our plates were just about licked clean by the time we were ready for dessert. We finished our meal by splitting one of The Hen & The Hog’s signature campfire milkshakes: a delicate blend of vanilla ice cream and graham crackers topped with marshmallows (unfortunately not toasted but still yummy), chocolate sauce and plenty of whipped cream. [SEE PICTURES OF OUR DINING EXPERIENCE BELOW]

After we paid the bill and left, I immediately wanted to return and try more of the food items (the Boston cream waffles are at the top of my list). The Hen & The Hog is sure to be a top hit for residents looking for a great new Pompano Beach restaurant for breakfast and lunch.

The Hen & The Hog is located at 3003 N. Federal Highway in Pompano Beach. The location is just down the block from Deerfield Beach and just across the street from Lighthouse Point. Currently it is open from 6am to 3pm daily, but those hours may expand later this year.

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