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The Pompano Beach City Commission, at its meeting last night, voted unanimously to name the newly reconstructed Pompano Beach fishing pier “The Fisher Family Pier,” in honor of the contributions made by former Mayor Lamar Fisher, now a Broward County Commissioner, as well as his family, to the city.



“The good that the Fisher family has done for this city over the years is immeasurable,” said Mayor Rex Hardin.

The family’s legacy of civic involvement spans a period of more than 100 years, beginning with Lamar Fisher’s great-grandfather, Clinton Lyons, who signed the Articles of Incorporation for the City of Pompano Beach in 1908. Lamar Fisher’s great uncle, Henry “Bud” Lyons, served as a Broward County Commissioner in 1931. Louis Fisher, Lamar Fisher’s grandfather, served as mayor of Pompano Beach in 1943.

Lamar Fisher served as a Pompano Beach city commissioner from 2002 until he became Pompano Beach mayor in 2007. He served as mayor until he was elected to the Broward County Commission last November.

The idea to rename the pier after the Fisher family originated with the Pompano Beach Economic Development Council (EDC). At its March meeting, a motion was made by EDC Secretary Joe Usman to name the new pier “Fisher Pier,” and was unanimously approved.

The recommendation was then brought to the City Commission for consideration at its May 14 meeting. Based on a recommendation made by Mayor Rex Hardin, the consensus was to bring a resolution back to the Commission as an agenda item to name the pier “The Fisher Family Pier,” instead of “Fisher Pier.”

At last night’s meeting, some residents expressed their concern about naming the pier after one family.

One woman said that, although she was “highly impressed with the resume of Mr. Fisher and his family,” there are other families in the community who “have worked diligently to make this community what it is today.”

Another resident said that many pioneers in the northwest section of the city, “who have paved the way for others,” have been overlooked, and with no disrespect intended toward the Fisher family, “it would have been nice to name the pier ‘Fishers and Friends.’”

“This is in no way to take away from anything that anyone else has done for this community,” said Mayor Hardin. “There are numerous people who have contributed to the health and vibrancy of this community, but the Fisher family has certainly stood out for their efforts.”

Other residents voiced their support for the proposed renaming of the pier.

One man said that to not name the pier after the Fisher family would be “doing the city a disservice,” because Lamar Fisher and his family “have served Pompano well, and this is just a token of recognition that we can give them.”

Another supporter said that, at some point, there should be a discussion about the legacy of others and where to put their names, but the City should move forward with naming the pier after the Fisher family, because “they have provided a lot of good services, and this is historical to their family and to our community.”

The question was raised by the Commission if naming the pier after the Fisher family would prohibit the City from soliciting naming rights and corporate sponsorships for the pier, which would generate revenue. Last September, the Commission approved an 18-month contract with The Superlative Group, a national sponsorship analytics and sales firm, to sell naming rights and other sponsorship opportunities for a number of the city’s assets, including the pier.

In May, the Superlative Group sent a memo to the City stating that the naming of the pier as “The Fisher Family Pier,” will not preclude the firm from soliciting “presenting” sponsors for $60,000 to $90,000 per year, which was the valuation associated with a naming rights partner. The firm said it would also look to create category sponsorships, including “pouring rights,” which would further monetize the pier.

Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher and his father, Benny Fisher, were in the audience at last night’s meeting.

Hardin thanked Commissioner Fisher and his family for “the dedication that they have had to our community and this county for many, many years.”


The Commission decided that a plaque detailing the Fisher family’s history should be installed at the pier.

The pier, which has been undergoing an $11.5 million reconstruction since May 2017, is expected to be completed at the end of June, and a grand opening is currently slated for October.

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