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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a commentary titled, “POMPANO BEACH: HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? ”   In short, I said that the overall direction was great but there were a few things to be concerned about and I offered three suggestions on how to best move Pompano Beach into the future.  You can read the suggestions by clicking here.

The commentary was posted on our Pompano! Magazine website (pointpubs.com) and Facebook pages, as well several other great community oriented pages like Pompano Happenings and Pompano Beach Florida Residents Group.  We got lots of feedback to the story and I thought it would be interesting to share the various comments we received from a variety of Pompano Beach residents.

David Hall It’s great! As the article states, waaayyy over due! Once the laughingstock of coastal Broward is no more! If you build it, they will come. The restaurants, bars, hotels are all coming and big companies are major investments!!

Mauricio Vieira This is just a matter of choice if not happy there are still plenty of land in much more secluded towns and that is how it is, this is called progress which will create more jobs and a contemporary flair to the town. The whole entire redevelopment is going to be awesome!

Caryl Iseman Jeff liked your article. I am one for redevelopment and new development and Pompano is ready for it however a caveat. How it is done is the critical factor. Over building with hi-rises can totally block out a view corridor. Green space and open space has to be a major consideration. I haven’t had the time to get involved with the meetings on the developments but I feel I need to…The citizens need to be very involved in working with the City in getting the redo done right. BTW I would love to meet with you sometime to discuss all this.

Mark Ellis Everything is going to be marvelous! So don’t have a hissy fit over the progress Pompano Beach has produced in the past few years. Pompano Beach is So. Flo’s. best kept secret

Dean Stelmach Wow. Hit all the right points. Even the aversion to what has become of Hallandale.

Michael Plevener Totally agree. I commented yesterday about the Isle re-development that adding 2,800 residences to the originally planned 1,300 is stinkin thinkin. That’s a minimum of 4,000 vehicles at 1 car per household. Not to mention the nearly 1,000 hotel rooms to be added along with the Live events, movie theaters shops, and restaurants. I love the idea of progress and development, but this seems to be way over the top. Just sayin!

Mary C Antoine Jeff – your comments are spot on – I hope the mayor & the commissioners are reading this

Charles Burge Pullquote: “Open space and visible blue skies need to be an important part of the mix. We are a beach town. It shouldn’t feel like a big city or worse, Hallandale.” Hear hear!

Tim Golly Decent article, but I don’t perceive the Mayor and Commissioners as listening to the residents most impacted by over-development they are pushing. Nicest thing I can say is residents are being treated dismissively if you view meetings.

Barbara Gordon Jeff,  Thank for the blue skies and open space comment. We are in a development fever. The need is for CONTROLLED DEVELOPMENT

Jeffrey Sodikoff Excellent article.  I could not have said it better myself. Out of all the cities my wife and I spoke about one day retiring to , Pompano Beach was never on that list. All it took was one visit 6 years ago to just check out the beach area and we bought our oceanfront condo on the spot. Best move we ever made

Philip Thomas I love it when people complain about taxes and crime then blatantly disregard the things being done to fix those issues.  Urban Renewal is a good thing, it will bring in tourists and that will keep taxes low. All the great changes in Pompano Beach is why I decided two years ago to make it my home. If you want to live in an area on the decline I am sure there are still houses for sale in those areas. Personally I welcome it.

Dennis Rosenfeld Great article, I like what is happening in Pompano and agree that development must be handled properly.

Gene Devine Nicely written and spot on!

Jay Goldtrap All you people that think that traffic is just a trifling problem, I wish you well. But once you make your bed and lie in it you’re going to find out you should have paid heed to the warnings

I appreciate all of the feedback from so many Pompano Beach residents.  Working together (the government, commercial interests and residents), we can make Pompano Beach into an amazing city.  Balance and communication are the key to that success.

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