By Jeff Levine, Pompano Beach News Columnist

Progress on the Pompano Beach Pier, the Oceanic restaurant and to an extent the Lucky Fish Bar and Grill continues to move long, although delays are beginning to be officially announced.  You can take a look at all of the latest developments and pictures below.

Pompano Beach officials were looking forward to opening the pier to the public but that looks like that date is no longer a reality.

Elaine Fitzgerald, a local tourism advocate and owner of Beach Vacation Rentals is also a aerial photographer.  She recently went up in the air and took the amazing photo of the development from the sky looking westward from the ocean (see below)

Elaine also posted the following on Facebook, “The new Pompano Beach fishing pier is almost complete as its amenities are being installed! The pier is a beloved icon for Pompano residents. It’s been missed for the last year after the original pier outlived its 50-year lifespan. Locals and visitors alike enjoy fishing from the pier, and pedestrians take a stroll on it to get the fresh sea air and see what the fisherpeople are catching, and maybe talk with a pelican or two! The pier will come with public wi-fi, lovely benches, public artwork, shade structures, bait shop and live cams to view the oceanfront and fish underwater from your computers or smart phones. It is designed so that even blind people can fish, with notches in the railings to assist. The new pier is taller and wider then the original pier and built to better withstand hurricanes.. A signature arch will be constructed at the entrance for some nice photo ops.”

We have learned that the completion of the signature arch is one of the primary obstacles delaying the opening of the pier.  Horacio Danovich, the city official responsible for overseeing the project, says, ” [We are on] track to be done [with the pier] before July 4, but the … Developer must finish work at the western end of the pier to allow safe pedestrian passage onto the pier. The work requires constructing a new sidewalk and entry plaza, and that work will take 8-10 weeks after our Fishing Pier team is able to remove the crane and other equipment. As a result, opening the pier to the public on July 4 is not possible. We do not have a date, but we will inform everyone when ready.

You can see what the Oceanic restaurant in Pompano Beach will look like after completion HERE. See what The outdoor Lucky Fish Bar and Grill restaurant will look like HERE.

Tim Hernandez of New Urban Development, the company responsible for overseeing the building of the Pompano Beach Fishing Village.  The Village will includes the already existing Beach House Pompano restaurant, the soon to be opened Oceanic, the Lucky Fish, the hotel and the other shops and facilities surrounding the already built parking garage, just off of A1A and next to the pier in Pompano

Hernandez told us two weeks ago, he is “hopeful” The Oceanic will also be open for the July 4th holiday.  Based on what we learned about the Pier opening, it also seems likely that will be delayed.  Hernandez walked us through the entire Fishing Village project will look like and when the various pieces are expected to be completed.  Click here to read all of the project detail updates.

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