by Jeff Levine, Pompano Beach News Columnist

Another person has died in car-train crash in Pompano Beach. This time it was a Tri-Rail train instead of a Brightline Train but the result was the same.

Late Sunday morning, the car was driving along in the 100 block of Southwest Third Street according to WPLG/Local 10 when it ignored or didn’t notice that the gates were down and plowed right into the Tri-Rail train.

BSO responded to the accident at Race Track Road, south of Atlantic Boulevard according to WSVN/Channel 7.  The driver was injured and taken to Broward Health North Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

There were 119 passengers aboard the train, none were hurt. Passengers were required to stay on the train while BSO conducted their investigation.  Not surprisingly, there were delays along the train for most of the afternoon, although Tri-Rail did bring in shuttles buses to try and keep things moving.

Reports say there was significant damage to the safety gates.

So, what is going on in South Florida?  Ever since Brightline started its high speed Miami to West Palm service, with a stop in Fort Lauderdale, there have been about 20 crashes, many resulting in deaths.  Honestly, I’ve lost count.  A good many of those have been here in Pompano Beach.

Part of the reasoning seems to be that Brightline trains travel considerably faster than Tri-Rail, which stops in many cities along its three county run.  So, that would mean that people are used to jumping past the gates but mistime the Brightline train because they are used to the slower Tri-Rail trains.  No disrespect, but that seems pretty lame.  And, in this case the train was one of the slower Tri-Rail trains.

So, just in case you didn’t know already:

1- If you see and hear flashing, bell-clanging safety gates blocking the road, don’t try and go around them- or in this case through them.

2- If you see and hear flashing, bell-clanging safety gates starting to come down, don’t try and beat the gates.

3- If you are stuck in traffic and approaching a train crossing, don’t drive on to the tracks.  Stop before the tracks and wait until you have enough space in front of you to clear them.

4- If you are a pedestrian, all of the above applies, plus don’t walk on the tracks.

The amount of accidents and deaths is shocking.  It would be one of those “funny” only in Florida stories if it wasn’t so serious.  By all means, please do take it seriously and prevent yourself from being the next accident.

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