by Marie Puleo, Pompano Beach News Reporter

Lady Luck, the tanker ship turned artificial reef that is located off the coast of Pompano Beach and is part of Shipwreck Park, will be home to new artwork commissioned by the city’s Public Art Committee.

Artist Donald Gialanella will create a sculpture, called “Pirates Treasure Chest,” that will be displayed on the beach for one year, and then submerged into the ocean and attached to Lady Luck.

The sculpture is the first artwork in the Underwater Sculpture Garden program started by the Public Art Committee in 2018. The program will take place every two years until 2025, generating a total of 4 sculptures by different artists.

Gialanella’s sculpture is tentatively scheduled to be placed at the beach within 2019. It will be displayed on the sand at the beach entrance just north of the Great Lawn, near the ADA walkway. The sculpture will be made of anodized aluminum, and will measure 6 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet. In March, the City Commission approved the proposed design for the artwork, which will cost $35,000. The project is part of the Public Art Master Plan, and was approved under the Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2018.

The Public Art Committee is also responsible for artwork that is currently installed on Lady Luck. When the ship was first sunk in 2016, the committee commissioned and funded three large, sea-life collages by artist Dennis MacDonald.

Additional installations were added in 2017. We took a look at those additions and you can read about them here.

As per their website, Shipwreck Park is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation of an underwater park system establishing artificial reefs, utilizing public art to raise awareness of the need to preserve and conserve our natural coral reef system

This story was prepared by our Pompano Beach news desk with additional information from various public sources and their websites.

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