Pompano Beach has a new ordinance that prohibits smoking on its beaches and in any public park located within the city. The City Commission, at its June 28 meeting, adopted the ordinance, which took effect July 1.

During the 2022 legislative session, the Florida Legislature adopted House Bill 105, which has been approved by the governor, and which amended Florida law to specifically authorize counties and municipalities to regulate smoking at their parks and beaches.

The statute specifically exempts the smoking of unfiltered cigars from this prohibition.

In Pompano Beach, violation of the ordinance will be a civil infraction, enforceable by the city’s Park Rangers, and a citation will be issued for a fine. No-smoking signs have been installed at the appropriate locations.

Mayor Rex Hardin said that members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be happy about the new rule because they had been requesting it for many years. The city attorney looked into it numerous times, but it was the State that held back on the release of such a bill.

Hardin said that once the state law was passed and it looked like the governor was going to sign it, he asked the city attorney to move forward with the new ordinance. Hardin thanked the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for its steadfast support of the issue throughout the years.

Commissioner Andrea McGee said she is excited from an environmental standpoint because whenever she and volunteers do beach cleanups, cigarette butts are one of the top litter items, and the filters do not disintegrate.

“I think our beaches will be more clean and more beautiful because of it,” said McGee.


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