A project to mill and resurface the streets in the Lake Placid neighborhood of Lighthouse Point has gotten underway.

The Lake Placid neighborhood, which lies east of the Sample Road bridge, is in particular need of milling and resurfacing due to numerous depressions and the age of the asphalt, as well as years of home construction and sewer line cleanout installations, according to the public works department. The neighborhood has been targeted for milling and paving for about the last three years.

A street paving project in the Lake Placid neighborhood of Lighthouse Point is currently underway.
A street paving project in the Lake Placid neighborhood of Lighthouse Point is currently underway.

In June, the city commission approved a contract with R&D Paving for the project, and authorized the expenditure of $875,000, which will come from the city’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Approximately 64,000 square yards of asphalt road in the Lake Placid neighborhood will be milled and resurfaced.

The contractor will mill (remove and grind) one inch of pavement, apply a tack coat and resurface with one inch of asphalt. In some areas, there are roadway crowns that need to be rebuilt which will require more asphalt. New striping will be applied.

The city engineer estimates that approximately 1,000 tons of asphalt will be needed to fill in road depressions and rebuild the roadway crowns.

The project will require lane closures or full road closures in the immediate vicinity of the work areas.

Currently, work is being done in the area east of NE 28th Avenue (east of Frank McDonough Park and St. Paul the Apostle Church).

The project is expected to take about one month to complete, but weather could affect the production schedule as paving can’t be done on wet asphalt.

In another area of the city, a Broward County milling and paving project is about to be completed on NE 39th Street from U.S.1 to NE 21st Avenue, and on NE 22nd Avenue from NE 39th Street to NE 41st Street. The project also includes a small area at NE 22nd Avenue (Lighthouse Drive) and NE 44th Street, just south of the North Grand Canal Bridge. These portions of roadway were torn up during a Broward County sewer force main replacement project and are being restored.




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