By Marie Puleo, Lighthouse Point News Reporter

Public hearings to finalize the proposed city budget and millage rates for fiscal year 2019-2020, are scheduled to take place on Sept. 12 and Sept. 26 as part of the regular City Commission meetings to be held on those dates.

Public hearings for the proposed special assessment rates for fire protection, stormwater utility and solid waste services will also be held on Sept. 12.

The proposed city budget across all five operating funds is $20,689,285, which includes the General Fund (including police and fire), Tennis Center Fund, Garbage and Trash Fund, Debt Service Fund and the Stormwater Utility Fund.

The proposed operating millage rate is 3.5893, which is the same rate that has been used since fiscal year 2011-2012. Because taxable property values have gone up and the City will receive more tax revenue, levying the same operating millage rate is considered a tax increase.

The debt service millage rate for repayment of General Obligation Bonds issued in 2002 is 0.1710, a decrease from its current rate of 0.1730. The debt service millage rate for the General Obligation Bonds issued by the City in April 2019 is 0.4110.

The proposed fire protection assessment is $134.50 for single-family dwellings, which is the same rate as the current fiscal year.

The proposed stormwater utility assessment is $60 per year for a single-family property, which is the same rate that has been levied by the City since the stormwater fund was established in 2009.

There will be an increase in assessment rates for solid waste services, based on rates provided by Waste Management, the city’s contracted waste hauler. The proposed annual assessment rates are $484.68 per residential unit for properties with four or less units, and $434.88 per residential unit for properties with five or more units.

During the hearings on Sept. 12 and Sept. 26, the public will have the opportunity to speak on the proposed assessment rates, millage rates and budget. The assessment rates will be adopted by the City Commission on Sept. 12; the final budget and millage rates will be adopted on Sept. 26.

The City Commission meetings will take place at 6:30pm in the City Commission chambers, located at 2200 NE 38th Street in Lighthouse Point.

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