Experience the best of Japanese sushi culture with the Omakase experience at Sushi Lab in Pompano Beach. Omakase, meaning “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese, allows diners to trust the expert knowledge of the sushi chef and enjoy the best possible bites using the freshest and best ingredients available. This unique dining experience is perfect for adventurous eaters and small groups of food-loving friends. 


Located inside the Residence Inn Fort Lauderdale Pompano Beach/Oceanfront, Sushi Lab offers easy valet parking for just $7 and features a patio and pool area that will transport you to a tropical paradise. The Omakase experience is available at 4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm, and 9:00pm (check OpenTable or the Sushi Lab website to confirm). During your Omakase evening, you’ll have the opportunity to try new and exciting fish and ingredient combinations and even indulge in luxurious items like truffles, wagyu, and caviar. The chef will also provide an educational and interactive element to the evening, answering your questions and describing each bite. 

Suppose you prefer a more traditional sushi experience. In that case, Sushi Lab also offers indoor and outdoor seating with a range of classic sushi options, as well as other dishes during regular restaurant hours. For an unforgettable night of culinary adventure, make a reservation at Sushi Lab. 

Pyrotechnicians are required for your Sushi Lab experience.

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