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Thank you to all of you who were so kind to call, email me and send cards, knowing that I lost a very precious, irreplaceable friend of ten and a half years, Berkel.

Realizing there was a noticeably huge void in my life, a good friend began searching for another companion for me. “No, I’m not ready yet,” was my reply. “I need more time,” I insisted. My friend disregarded my plea, thinking that she knew better; that I needed a pet in my life as quickly as possible, so she did some serious research online at the Humane Society.

Well, of course I fell in love with the photo of an eight-week old kitten named —Lorax.  “Lorax!” I exclaimed to the salesgirl at Petco in Hallandale. “Oh, no, they’ll be no Lorax in my house,” I blurted. “This little fuzzball will be called Tiger. Just look at him, he’s definitely a Tiger!”

Yesterday, the toilet seat was left up. Oh, yes, Tiger ran into the bathroom and did a perfect one and a half into the bowl. Dripping wet, he took off like he was shot from a canon; a great start to a beautiful relationship. I must remember to keep the toilet seats down.

And yes, my friend was right— I needed Tiger in my life.

The Highwaymen —A Feast for the Eyes

I arrived early on Friday, March 23rd at the Sample McDougald House to be sure to get photos of the splendid array of art on display, realizing many pieces would be snatched up in no time.

On the second floor, Highwayman artist James Gibson was still setting up some of his last few paintings. As I turned to my left, a painting jumped out at me and said, “Take me home!” Why would I need a painting of a Poinciana tree with a few palm trees mixed in, my right-side brain thought. You definitely should buy this painting, it’s a good investment replied my left-side brain. The left side won.

Turn to page 36 and feast your eyes on the artistry that is now legendary. If you missed this very special day, make a mental note to follow the steps of the Highwaymen. I know I will.





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