My Anti-Gamesmanship Declaration: the method or technique of gamesmanship has gained popularity by leaps and bounds, especially in situations when people become desperate and/ or greedy.

Jon Frangipane, Editor

Gamesmanship, according to, is the technique or practice of manipulating people or events so as to gain an advantage or outwit one’s opponents or competitors. I recently resigned from a popular local business networking group that has begun to employ this method or technique. It has been and still is particularly popular in Washington, where bending the rules has been in vogue for years, and where Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton exercised gamesmanship to the max, you could say. Maybe we have all innocently employed a form of gamesmanship at one time or another without even realizing it, but a blatant, aggressive and corrupt form of gamesmanship is now so prevalent in our society we are beginning to accept it as the norm. And what is even more distressing is that apathy among the masses is playing a large role in allowing this situation to exist.

It may be of little interest to anyone reading this column, but I have had it with being manipulated by people, companies, corporations,organizations and that includes Washington—and furthermore, I refuse to swallow the pernicious, mindless swill being shoved down my throat.

So, whether one likes it or not, take it or leave it, I am announcing my ANTI- GAMESMANSHIP DECLARATION!

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It’s a huge project, but Lighthouse Point Magazine’s offer to loyal advertisers for FREE 2-minute video sessions is taking off like wildfire! Debra Todd Photography is in the process of taking appointments now, so we request interested parties to call soon. The advertisers who sign up for the 2-minute session must prepare in advance.This is important to save time and make the video session run smoothly.Those ready to proceed, please call 954-486-3820.

Who Would Have Thunk It?

Lighthouse Point Playwrighters, a small, but energetic group of wannabee playwrights have been gathering every Thursday evening at the Doreen Gauthier Lighthouse Point Library to discover the amazing world of playwriting.

To their surprise and complete satisfaction, all five participants at press time have completed at least three 10-minute plays that will be performed during the winter at a date to be determined. (Please see article on page 37)


Happy November Birthdays!



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