If you have the unmitigated gall to steal from our American disabled veterans who risked their lives to protect our country, be prepared to pay a heavy price in the end. An investigative news service called News21 has recently broken a story regarding local charities stealing huge amounts of funds meant for disabled veterans. Local and national veteran organizations are in the process of banning together to make sure that we rid our planet of these parasites.

Space restrictions in our magazine prevented us from printing the entire article (See page 58), but be sure to check out this link at to get the complete eye-opening report, complete with photos that will shock and disgust you, as you learn that these heinous criminal activities have been perpetrated against our disabled veterans right here under our very noses.


What a great pleasure it was to meet and interview Cindy Rokhamm for this issue (see page 10). At 74 years old, this marvelous humanitarian still has the strength, desire and stamina to administer help and care to birds and animals left on her doorstep. There are enough “Bird Lady” stories floating around Broward County to write a book or two. Thank you, Cindy, for the opportunity!


Drop that shrimp! More and more food is being imported from all over the world where factory conditions are deplorable. We currently import food from over 150 foreign countries, leaving us vulnerable to toxic or disease-ridden fish. 80 to 90 percent of our seafood is now imported, and the FDA is only able to inspect less than 2 percent.

The few states that do inspect their imports have found that 40-50 percent of the fish brought in are unfit for human consumption. In the states that don’t rigorously inspect their imports, those same contaminated or rotten fish are making their way to supermarkets and restaurants, ready for the dinner table.

There have been an increasing number of reports of restaurants and grocery stores substituting cheaper or more readily available fish without informing their customers. But even the most reputable and well-intentioned merchants may have trouble providing safe fish, as the problem starts at our border.




Flag Day at Bonefish Mac's


Cindy Rohkamm - The Bird Lady

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