A Real Bonehead

“Keep your eye on the ball” sounds like good advice. Well, I did just that a few days ago when I was hit squarely between the eyes with a tennis ball coming at mock speed. My friend Howard seemed apologetic for the smashing blow, but why was he smiling the rest of the game?

A few years ago, while attempting to follow through with my swing as I hit the ball, I struck myself in the head above the right eyebrow with my own racquet, needing 8 stitches to close the wound. I have also broken my wrist playing tennis, when losing my balance going back for a lob.

Anyone but a real bonehead would continue this hopeless quest to become a top ten tennis player. And that’s just what my mother lovingly called me when teaching me to play the piano… a real bonehead.

From my piano bench, I could see my friends having fun playing in the back yard. But through the tears and the years I studied and voila, I eventually learned to play.

I don’t know if there’s a moral to this story, but in tomorrow’s game I’ll try to keep a closer eye on the ball.

2012 — Our Best Year!

My accounting system is very basic, so only at tax time do I really know the bottom line. Well, in spite of a slightly slow period during last summer, we picked up nicely the rest of the year.

Since our newly designed Lighthouse Point Magazine was published for the first time in June of last year, we’ve received nothing but high praise for the superb graphic design by Babs Kall and the magical photography by Debra Todd. Our writing staff continues to please those of all ages.

In the ten plus years we’ve proven to be the family magazine sitting on coffee tables, not only in Lighthouse Point, but also from Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale. A well-deserved thank you also goes out to the great team at Printers Printer for their high quality production.







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