Facing the New Year of 2013

The results of the election may be a welcome breath of fresh air for some, but to others, well, at least four years of bitter disappointment. However, as a business completely unaffected by political goings on, Lighthouse Point Magazine has made exceptional strides in being the most sought after monthly family publication between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale (Have you noticed our new, spectacular design?). Look for more up-to- date articles and features of critical importance, regarding a wide variety of subjects that appeal to all tastes.

Welcome Amanda!

We are absolutely thrilled over the newest addition to our staff, Amanda Coyne. A 22 year-old graduate of Florida Atlantic University, having majored in English and Journalism, Amanda will handle all Internet media coverage, write articles of major concern (see page 16), and manage our office, as well.

Ms. Coyne expects to start her own magazine after her internship with Lighthouse Point Magazine.

What I’d Most Like to See Happen in 2013

  1. Kids are getting fatter by the minute. If we don’t seriously address this issue soon, NO national medical program will be able to sustain the cost of treating diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart failure that surely will affect these children in their early adulthood. It is incomprehensible that pizza and other junk food is continually being allowed to be served in school cafeterias for lunch every day of the week. Not only will kids’ arteries become clogged, but so will the entire health initiative.
  2. Our nation’s schooling system is rated 34th in the world! A certain politician brilliantly suggested cutting government education costs and raising college entrance fees. I think a flogging is called for in this case.
  3. American children by the thousands are dying while certain American companies continue to tout the importance of feeding starving children in other countries. I say, FEED AMERICAN CHILDREN FIRST! I say, AMERICA’S CHILDREN FIRST!

Please send us your own thoughts on what you’d like to see happen in 2013. We would love to hear from you!





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