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By Colton Wooten

Truline, a seawall construction company located in Naples, bills itself as innovative on several dimensions. With steel reinforced concrete, engineered for long-term vinyl protection, the company’s Innovative Hybrid Sheet Piling System offers the “best of two proven materials,” according to the Trueline team. For eco-conscious consumers, the team at Truline are eco-friendly as well — and over 92 percent of the material they use comes from recycled products.

As in many business ventures, the Truline company, borne of a quandary, began with a question: Is there a better way to build a seawall? The inquisition followed with a team of designers, engineers, marine machinists, and vinyl manufacturers, who converged to design what became Trueline’s vinyl sheet piling system.

Some of Truline’s selling points, as the company describes them, include UV-protection against the fading and discoloration that beach climates induce; chemical resistant measures against corrosion and a 50-year limited warranty.

Additionally, Truline manufactures the only seawall system whose patented, dually interlocking joints do not unzip or come apart. Ever versatile, Truline also offers to handle a wide range of projects.

“There are many material choices for seawalls and retaining walls, including steel, composite sheet piling, concrete seawalls, corrugated vinyl sheet piling, aluminum and wood,” reads the company’s website. “Many factors have to be considered when choosing which material to use, such as the project needs, soil conditions, loads, appearance desired, sea levels, local laws and more.”

They at Truline understand the overwhelming, often insidious nature of the kind of work they do, which can confuse homeowners; and they are sympathetic to the confusion that many property owners experience in trying to parse the technical details of this undertaking while keeping it budget-friendly.

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